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Introduce the graphene





1. Firstly developed the technology of synthesis graphene on Copper and Nickel substrate by CVD method.Figure 1 is the schematic diagram of the growth process. Methane with Argon and Hydrogen was introducedinto the furnace and decomposed at high temperature (higher than 1000 oC), and carbon atoms deposited on the metal surface and poly-crystal graphene was nucleated and grown on the catalyst metal substrate. Redundant gas was pumped out of the furnace. Ordered array of single-crystal graphene was firstly developed by seeded growth CVD method (illustrated in Figure 2). Electronic mobility as high as 8000 cm2/Vs can be achieved by controlling the crystal boundary and the crystal size( Larger than 30 um). Large area and nondestructive graphene transferring method was developed. Self designed production line for large area poly-crystal graphene film was developed. The total process time was reduced by separating the whole process into pretreatment, preheating, growth and cooling steps and Greater production efficiency was achieved. Graphene films for 0.5 million pieces of 4 inches touch panels can be produced by one production line. First version of cell phone with Graphene based capacitive touch panel was developed by 2D carbon( Figure 4). Application of Graphene
Application area:
Graphene can be used in many area such as electronics, communication, energy, medicine, automobile, aerospace, national defense and military since its high electrical and thermal conductivity, transparence, flexibility, mechanical strength and unique electronic property.
a. Transparent electrode: such as touch panel, electronic paper, solar cell, OLED display and smart glass. First version of cell phone with Graphene based capacitive touch panel was released by our company at January 8th, 2012. It showed the possibility of the application of graphene in touch panel device.
b. High frequency electronics: graphene based high frequency electronic devices such as MOSFET, this application relied on the progress of high quality single crystal graphene.2D carbon has pioneered the fabrication of single crystal graphene arrays.
c. Hybrid materials with graphene, applications in energy, automobile, aerospace, electronics, communication, nationa defense and military.




Application field :



Touch screen




Photovoltaic power station



Composite materials                        Aviation materials